Our Story

Exclusive Window Cleaning is focused on cleaning, care, and restoration of residential and commercial windows and glass. From specialty windows such as French cut glass to today’s modern vinyl dual pane Low “E” windows. Our cleaners are safe on all glass surfaces. We clean not only the glass but know the importance of proper care and maintenance of the vinyl itself. If the glass is clean but the once white vinyl is stained and deteriorated, your investment is all but lost! The thousands of dollars spent on state of the art windows can be wasted if the windows are not maintained properly.

Haven’t maintained your windows properly? We offer a restorative “hot water wash” to bring the vinyl back to it’s former glory as much as possible. We include pick-up and transport of deteriorated or broken screens to the screen repair shop with our regularly scheduled window cleanings and can make appointments on a monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, or annual basis.

Are there hard water stains on your windows? Do you have trouble seeing through your glass shower doors and partitions? We can make those ugly pieces of glass beautiful again without the need to replace them. Our process is safe for the environment, won’t damage other surfaces around the glass, and will save you the cost of having to purchase new glass and installation.

Has your storefront been sabotaged by teenage taggers? Are there words scratched into your big beautiful windows? Have you been told you need to spend thousands to replace them? We have the knowledge and experience to make them as if nothing happened and save you a ton on the restoration of those windows.

What ever the condition of your windows, whether cared for or neglected, we will do our best to keep them looking their best. Give us a call and, as always, estimates are free. All work done at regular rates carry a 7 day rain guarantee so rest assured our work will last a good long time.