Why Use an Expert Window Cleaning Service for Your Windows (Part 2)

“Maid” Window Washing vs. Professional Window Cleaners

“We don’t clean windows” is a well-known saying by many housekeeping services. If you have a janitorial or housekeeping service that does window washing services, you probably do not want to take them up on that offer.

There are different DIY strategies that housekeeping services apply and all of them have different levels of effectiveness. At worst, merely making use of paper towels and a spray cleaner such Windex leaves a streaky mess. Instead of removing dirt and dust, this just moves it around (often times, it makes it more obvious!) and also, it is high risk for scratching the glass. Also by using this method, a static charge is created which attracts more dirt.

Some people claim that making use of newsprint for window cleaning helps to avoid some of these issues, but using newsprint and paper towels is typically more of the same. Technically, when using the newsprint strategy, you are supposed to make use of plain paper that is, the kind of paper newspapers are printed on, not actual newspapers. Nowadays, it is difficult enough to get printed newspaper, talk less of just the paper. Besides, even the plain paper can also leave behind loose fibers and streaks.

Having professional window cleaners clean your windows rather than relying on janitorial services or a maid will give you a clearer view and also help extend the life span of your windows. You can absolutely rely on the cleanliness and precision of professional window cleaning crews because they focus on one job which is cleaning your windows and they possess the tools and knowledge on how to make windows of any shape and style sparkle.