How to Expertly Clean Your Windows (Part 2)

The appropriate Window Washing method

Property owners who have all the right tools can make use of the following methods:

Fill the Bucket: Fill the bucket with water. Ensure you make use of cold water, warm water will evaporate the water too quickly. Following, add a little detergent to the water; ensure not to add excess or your window glass may dry up too fast.

Make use of the Moist Mop: After your mop is wet and soaked in detergent, wipe it round the window until you are certain that every obstinate dirt has been totally removed. If there is any dirt that can’t be taken off by your mop, make use of a small amount of steel wool or triple fine bronze, enough soap water and a little effort on the window.

Bring out the Squeegee: To hold the squeegee properly, position your thumb half way between the top and the side of the handle. The proper squeegee method requires maintaining a 45 degree angle while introducing the appropriate amount of pressure to the glass. Not pressing down hard enough will not obtain all the water; but pressing down too hard makes it too tough to move the squeegee easily.

Clean the Water off: clean off all the excessive amount of water right to the edges of your window with the use of a squeegee, initially you might notice some extra watermarks in the center of the window. With continual practice, these watermarks will stop to appear but it is best if you buy a micro-fiber cloth or chamois to eliminate any watermarks that may appear.

Wipe the Frames, Tracks & Sills: if you want a perfect finished product, ensure you use a clean towel or the sea sponge wrung out to wipe the frames, tracks and sills as there will be dirty water from cleaning the windows that now rests on the sill and frame edges. This can also avoid runs and drips from happening on the clean glass from the top sill.

Clean your screens: Screen cleaning is not difficult. Take out your screen from the window opening. Take your t-bar which is still moist and soapy and softly wipe it from up to down and side to side on both sides of the screen. Use your towel and carefully wipe the screen mesh and frame until dried out and install the clean screen again. If you don’t clean your screen and you leave a dirty screen on a clean window it is going to infect the newly cleaned window.

Residential window cleaning is a lot more complicated than it seems. Appropriate window cleaning is a little of knowledge and science and experience make a big difference. In an effort to obtain the best results it is best if you consult a company with many years of experience in professional window cleaning. Our cleaners provide you with easy and affordable services to homeowners the most perfect outcomes.