How to Expertly Clean Your Windows (Part 1)

The most effective way to accomplish perfect outcomes on your house windows is to contact a professional who have experienced years of training in professional window cleaning. We have been providing window cleaning services throughout San Diego for the last 15 years. As experts, we assure sparkling and durable outcomes, but property owners trying to clean their windows can gain from various pieces of this professional advice.

Specifically, our Window Cleaning service inspires property owners who want to accomplish the satisfactory outcomes to buy all the required tools from a local hardware store.

Required Tools for Home Window Cleaning

A bucket: Expert window cleaners usually make use of a very big bucket to wash quickly and easily several windows at a time, but the simple fact is that home owners do not need a big bucket. A bucket of any size will work when washing the glass on just a home, in as much as a squeegee and a mop can fit in.

A Squeegee

The most essential tool for washing glass surfaces is the squeegee, which explains why it is very important to buy a good quality squeegee. Our Cleaning suggests making use of products such as Sorbo, Unger, or Ettore. A well-made squeegee would features three unassembled parts: a handle, a channel, and the rubber.

A Mop

Mops consists of two separate parts: the sleeve and the t-bar. The sleeves on a mop can frequently get extremely dirty, whenever this occurs just put it the washing machine. A good window cleaning mop can be used again various times.

A Sea Sponge

Before squeegeeing, a sea sponge is generally a wonderful gear for cleaning water from frames and sills. Additionally, a sea sponge are useful to wash faces round the windows which are not built from glass such as dirty frames.


Window cleaners usually make use of their secret mixture for detergent such as vinegar in a warm water. The issue with concoctions like this is the fact that they don’t produce sufficient suds. Suds grease the rubber on a squeegee which assists the squeegee turn. Besides, suds enable you notice where there are abundance of water marks which need to be wiped off. Just use small DAWN dish soap it works perfectly to reduce the dirt on windows.

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