How to Clean Glass Window at Home

Cleaning windows at home is not the most fun of jobs and it can be really frustrating when it is not squeaky clean. In most cases, no matter how hard you try to clean the windows, visible traces of dirt are left. This could mean you are not doing it right.

Try out these amazing tips from our experienced, professional and Fantastic Window Cleaning team. This is an ultimate guide on how to clean glass windows appropriately.

Clean windows with cleaning squeegee to avoid leaving streaks

It is preferable to use a smooth rubber-edged squeegee. Ensure that you dry a 1-inch spot on top left corner of the window which is a wise position to always start from. Fewer streaks are made when you start on try glass.

Use an antiseptic spray to the blinds

This keeps the blind free of dust for a longer period of time. Apply the antiseptic spray immediately after you have cleaned them.

Clean window frames with bleaching detergent solution to prevent growth of molds and fungi.

Mix the laundry detergent with bleach in a 1:2 proportion and add a sip of water to the mixture. Ensure you use rubber glove because the solution is concentrated.

Put a coat of floor wax right outside your windowsills to keep them clean

Windowsills are perpetually exposed to natural elements since they are outside, therefore, they get dirty easily. You can protect them with by placing a coat of clear floor wax on them.

Avoid smoke stains by using ammonia solution

Nicotine film can stick to the windows of your room if you smoke in the room.  To keep your windows clean from smoke stains, simply mix a cup of lemon scented ammonia with a 2 gallons of water and clean the window with this solution. As an alternative, people also clean their glass with vinegar in place of vinegar. This is because its pH is relatively the same as that of ammonia. You can also make use of vinegar as long as you don’t mind the smell, which goes away quickly.

Change heating and cooling system filter

This is necessary only if your windows get dirty very fast. Modern homes heating and cooling system trap more dust and particles than old cooling system and the filter trap them. So make sure you change the filters every month or when you feel it’s dirty.

If your windows get frosted easily, consider the following tips:

  • Use caulk to the exterior of the windows to fill in small cracks and holes that allows passage of cold air
  • Keep low temperatures and humidity to reduce condensation
  • Reduce humidity by running the bathroom vents after every bath
  • Use weather stripping that are self-adhesive because are faster and easier to use

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