Guidelines on Hiring a Window Cleaning Company

Regardless of what service or product we buy we want to ensure we are making a smart choice. Most people are concerned with who they hire when hiring a service company. I have heard so many times the phrase that a clean window is a clean window and so all window cleaners are alike. 

Window cleaning companies’ offers something entirely different and you have to choose what your needs are. So that brings us to ask, how can you hire the right window cleaning company? Below are couple of tips for you…

Are they properly insured? Despite the fact that this might appear to be a no brainier, feel free to inquire about their present insurance certificate. In addition, if they have vehicles that identify their window cleaning company ask if they possess a commercial auto policy.

We believe having adequate insurance policy reveals that we value those we do business with thereby convey a 2 million dollar general liability policy and our vehicles are insured under a commercial auto policy. Though this is where some might decide to economize, it is worth asking your prospect window cleaner for confirmation and they will be glad to provide it.

How does the company present itself? Appearance and cleanliness can also be elements that enable you get an overview of the work that is to be carried out. Possibly, your house is that place you feel the most safe and comfortable. So you can be willing to invite just anyone into that safe haven.

From the cleanliness of our vehicle to our company shirts, we feel that presenting ourselves in a respectful and clean way will give you an idea of what we have in stock for you. Being observant and watching how a company presents itself can assist you in determining the window cleaning company that is perfect for you.

  • Safety: Cleaning the inside of a story building windows can be a risky task. Ask a potential window cleaner what steps they take to avoid accidents and how they plan for such jobs. For commercial window cleaning services, be sure the company is aware of any restrictions or safety regulations.
  • Inside and outside: A window cleaning company should be fully set to handle all kinds of situations. While inside your business or home, the cleaners must avoid disturbing your belongings to the best of their abilities, and when beginning the outside of the building, they must be equipped with the appropriate tools and also being comfortable.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed: The Company should offer free estimations, so you know upfront the approximate cost of the job. They should also have a record of strong customer service, and a commitment to your happiness with the work being carried out.

We hope this helps you find the right window cleaner, check out our services here.