2018 Window Cleaning Tips

Proper cleaning of your windows has lots of benefits to you and your home.

Are you aware of the fact that there are energy-saving benefits of having clean windows?

Well, this is because the cleaner your windows, the more sun will shine in through your windows. And the more sun shines through your windows, the more solar energy comes into your home. Energy from the sun is free and does not cause any harm to the environment, it also makes the house warm: it is a way to save cost of replacing windows.

Below are tips to help you obtain a clean window;

  • Clean the inside of the windows panes from top to bottom and then the outside from left to right. Doing this will help you know which side to clean again once you notice a streak.
  • Windows should be washed from top to bottom so that drips won’t spot or streak the parts you have washed.
  • Get a soft small brush probably a toothbrush ready to clean inside the corners of the windows.

 Give these homemade window cleaning solutions below a try:

  • Regular cleaning: In 1 gallon of water add ½ c. of ammonia or ¼ c. of white vinegar. Mix everything together in a bucket and then you are ready to begin.


  • Heavy-duty cleaning: In 1 gallon of water add ½ c. of ammonia and 2 c. of rubbing alcohol. Mix thoroughly together then apply to help remove hard dirt.

At some point, you might have noticed your grandma making use of scrunched up newspapers to clean her windows. Professional window cleaners agrees that this method still gives the cleanest-looking windows ever. Therefore, if you absolutely do not mind getting some newspaper ink on your hands, then pick up some old newspapers and start cleaning. Other good cleaning materials include cloth diapers, percale pillowcases, coffee filters and probably some old cut-up clothes.